Are 2 afghans by Christmas possible for a new knitter?

I’m finishing my first project now-a ribbed scarf. I’m also making a cabled cell phone holder and a little purse (both VERY easy-a rectangle knit that’s seamed up the sides).

I want to finish those and 2 afghans (not lapghans) by Christmas. Possible? I just started knitting a month ago and will be doing really easy stitches.

How much time can you devote to knitting? Since I only knit in the evening, after dinner, after my exercise, I only have a couple of hours each day to knit (yet I can do a pair of simple sock in about a week). I don’t think I’m particularly fast.

If your needles are big (say 15’s), yarn bulky, simple pattern, you’re not trying to do a king size afghan, and you have more than a couple of hours a day to work on it, yes, probably. After all you have 3 months.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I can devote about 14 hours/week to knitting.

Well, if you’re really dedicated; aren’t going to get bored with a simple repetitive pattern, go for it. If you’re not finished with the second, just tell the potential recipient “it’s on the way.” Personally, I would love an afghan made just for me even if it was a little late.

You could do it I bet if you used really large needles and big yarn-or if you doubled up and worked with two smaller gauge yarns!

I am not particularly fast and I have made an afghan really quickly using this method, for my sister last year. She loved it and it was so much fun for me because it was soo fast. Granted, it was a crocheted afghan but I am knitting currently on a cardigan in a bulky (lion brand chunky) weight and it is going really quickly as well. I think you could easily finish if you just go for big yarn and needles.

Good luck! I also agree w/ cheesiesmom-if you don’t get it finished, maybe give the recipient a card with a bit of the yarn you’re using and tell them it’s on your needles and they’ll recieve it soon! That would be a great way to give it too-it’d give them something to look forward to 8)

This is only my opinion: If you have unconditional love for the person you are making them for then I say go for it, but if you are just acquaintences with them, I would say make them a few dishcloths and that sort of thing.

I just finished my moms afghan last night. I started quite a few months ago and thought, oh this’ll be easy and I’ll be done in no time. Well it was easy but it just got so boring and it took me forever. :sleepy:

Best of luck. :heart:

I agree with PP about the large needles and doubling up on your yarn.

I also really would like to make an aphgan just haven’t had the courage to start one.

I generally crochet afghans–it’s faster for me. And even then, they take a LOT of time.