Arcylic yarn questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering if a person could make washcloths out of acrylic yarn or blends yarn ?also,could a person use wool for washcloths?also,is it true that a person should not make a blanket baby out of acrylic yarn because it will catch fire?what do you guys think of this?:thinking:does acrylic yarn stretch ?also does acrylic yarn dry when you wet it?

Washcloths should hold water. Acrylic is not great at holding water and neither is wool. I use cotton.

Scared people say not to use acrylic for babies because it could melt into the skin in case of fire. This is true and it’s not a good fire injury to have. I prefer not to light babies on fire.

I’m going to pull some bowstring material terminology on you here. Stretch is temporary, creep is permanent. Not getting as picky as with bowstring yes acrylic stretches. No it doesn’t creep (I’m sure it does some).
The opposite of this is cotton isn’t stretchy but it does creep.

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First of all there are NO rules so you can use what you like. However, some yarns work better than others. Cotton is usually best for washcloths/dishcloths. Some people say not to use mercerized cotton, but I have with no problems.

As for acrylic and baby blankets… Anything used for a baby has to be washed often so the fabric must be machine washable IMO. Personally I mostly use acrylic blends for baby stuff. For my granddaughter I’ve used some super wash wool blends, too. Obviously fire can be bad, but unless you live in an old house and use candles and fireplaces for heat I’m not sure it’s a huge concern. Do what works for you though.

What do you mean does acrylic yarn dry? Of course it does. lol

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Some people are adamant that we should use only natural fibers. They do love their soapboxes, don’t they? One person I had the questionable pleasure of interacting with made it sound as if we should all be wearing wool undies, anything else is hazardous to your health.

Acrylic will melt, yes. I’ve not looked in the baby section of stores lately but I expect a lot of the items sold are made of synthetics. If the adults are reasonably responsible with their care of babies and small children it’s unlikely any harm will come to a child wearing synthetic fabrics.

I use all cotton for washrags and dishrags. Some people like some synthetic in the mix. I think wool would either stretch too much when wet or felt with use, maybe both.

If acrylic yarn won’t dry when wet I guess you better not wash it, ever.

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Another thing you will want to consider is whether or not a person is allergic to acrylics. If a person is allergic to acrylics, do not use acrylic yarn when making something for him or her. The same is true if a person is allergic to other fibers; do not use yarn made from those fibers for him or her.

As for cotton, I use just it for making dishcloths and washcloths. I have found that cotton is a fiber that is highly useful for kitchen and bathroom items.

As for baby items and acrylics, I have no experience making baby items so cannot tell you if acrylics are okay for those or not.

I only knit with acrylic yarns, due to my husband’s allergies to animals!! So that’s all I knit with. And I knit baby blankets, baby hats, bibs, etc…

I haven’t heard of any fires and the parents (for the most part) LOVE how soft my blankets are.