Aran Sweater Almost done! (FINISHED, P. 5!)

Here’s the state of the aran sweater. I finished the front and it’s posing with it’s back and the start of the first sleeve. Included is the progress of the first sleeve since that picture was taken:

That is gorgeous!


That’s gorgeous! You’ve done a great job!

That is gorgeous! I dont think I have the courage to make a sweater like that!

That is beautiful! Your detailing is amazing!!!

Thanks, everybody!

:thud: that is one of the most prettiest sweaters I’ve ever seen!!! It looks so complicated O.O

Thanks, it’s easier than it looks.

That is looking lovely, can’t wait to see it finished.

It’s getting there. I estimate about another week of knitting.


very nice cabling! is this for you?

Wowzers…that is awesome!:cheering:

Thanks, everybody! It is actually for me.

I’m speechless!:passedout:




:muah: Wow that sweater is gorgeous!!! Great Job!!! :cheering: