Aran Smock Stitch Afghan question

Have a friend calling regarding a problem with the directions for an Aran Smock Stitch. There’s no problem until Row 5 which starts: P2*Insert rt hand needle into the 7th and 3rd stitch on the left hand needle. This is the part that doesn’t make sense as one would think it would be listed as “3rd and 7th” stitches but the pattern does not work out like her picture. Any ideas as to where I can get this stitch pattern and do some comparison? Appreciate the help big time.

Is she picking up stitches off the needle or stitches that are 7 and 3 rows down from the stitches on the needle?

What the 5th rows says is: P2* Insert rt hand needle between the 7th and 3rd stitch on lefthand needle drawing yarn around needle point in back, drawing through making 1st stitch on righthand needle, k2p3k2 on next 7 stitches, pass loop stitch made over these 7 stitches and off needle. Smock stitch is made. P3. Repeat from * across ending with P2.

The pattern is in a book put out in the GYS Book.

Thanks again for any help. I have tried hitting every Aran pattern site around and without any reference to the Aran Smock Stitch.

The ones I’ve seen say to go between 3rd and 4th or 4th and 5th. Maybe the pattern is supposed to say between 7th and [B]8th[/B]? That would make sense because you’d have 7 stitches to put the extra stitch around.

Hi, Ingrid…thanks soooo much. I called my friend and we agreed that makes more sense than how the pattern was written and who knows, it may just have been a “poor” print on the “8” which made it look like a “3”. Anyhow, she is trying this and will keep you posted as to our progress. My friend does not use a computer at all so she called on your truly to find out what was wrong and we both appreciate your quick response. Hope the rest of your week goes great.