Aran Poncho

I actually started this poncho two years ago and abandoned it for a multitude of good reasons. I started all over again this year and, with fall approaching, finished seaming and tasseling it last night. The pattern is available in the free pattern section here.

Beautiful, Jeremy!! I still cannot do cables and am in awe of everyone that does. Great job!!

That is beautiful, Jeremy! Is it a gift for someone?

Beautiful! You’ll look positively dashing in it!:teehee:

Its actually for my wife. I think I would look like an Irish Poncho Villa in it.

O’Pancho Poncho

More like Padraig Villa

O’le’!! :rofl:

Job well done!

It is lovely. Your wife is going to be so veryy warm :slight_smile:

Wow, Jeremy! This is gorgeous :woot:! Lucky wife:happydance:… Man, does it show i really love cables:teehee:?

It’s beautiful!