Aran poncho pattern help

I am trying to start the Aran poncho found through the free pattern site at The pattern consists of two panels to be duplicated for each side of the poncho. Two questions: First, after the first two rows the pattern says "panel patterns are now in position. Does that mean as I continue on I keep repeating the same two rows around the panels? Second, panel A consists of sixteen rows which the instructions say to repeat nine times. Panel B only has 4 rows and they don’t say what to do after you’re done with those 4. Since 144 (16 X 9) is divisible by 4 do I just work panel B 36 times. I tried to link to the pattern but I am just about as adept with computer work as I am with knitting. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Well from what I can see from the pattern here , it looks like you have the right idead. Seems that you’re working both panel A and B at the same time, so you would just do 36 of panel B, and only 9 of A.

Thanks very much.