Aran or cable afghan with circular needles?

Hi, I’m looking for an aran or cables afghan pattern that I can knit in one piece, with circular needles, and they’re hard to find! Does anyone have any links they could share? Most seem to be knit in panels or squares, and I’d like to avoid having to sew pieces together.

Have you searched Ravelry?
I found several pages of afghans which are one-piece, some of them free.

Good suggestion, and thank you for the link!

Most of the one piece ones that I’ve seen have been in books/booklets. So I don’t know how to give u those patterns, since they’re not free.

You could look for a booklet called “Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans”. I got my copy at JoAnn Fabrics. 24 patterns in it and each one is done in 1 piece with double strand of yarn. I’m sure you could find some patterns you like!!!


Thanks - I’ll check that out. I did end up finding a free pattern that I liked; it’s the Dancing Cable Afghan from Lion Brand.
I’m just getting started on it now, and I’m sure I’ll be back looking for help on some of the stitches.

There are many, many, many patterns of afghans that are worked in one piece! Just look for them. I won’t work one that has to be made in sections and then pieced together! I just don’t do seams!!

But if you have a pattern book, just make up your own design! You are allowed to do that, you know! There aren’t any knitting police to stop you from creating your own design. Search through any patterns you like, put them into order as you like them, have some plain (garter, or seed stitch) sections between each design, and then start knitting! Since there is no rule as to how large to make it, and since it does not need to fit exactly, just use what you need for the patterns! And work each pattern one after the other along each row, and there you have it.

Of course, the reason they do them in sections is to make it easier on the hands when you were using straight needles. (Who does that nowadays??) And it was more portable to have smaller pieces to work on. Today, we work on large projects, we knit sweaters in the round, and we have no problem with that. The older knitters don’t understand these methods, and that is alright. We do what we have to do.

So you can take parts of other afghans you like, and work them together into a design of your own. There is no rule saying you can’t!! It takes longer to knit a large piece, and can be cumbersome to carry around (just work on it at home, with small projects you can carry for when you travel) and do a row every day. It will get done!!

Thank you so much for the helpful information and encouragement! I have
found more patterns worked in one piece. I also wondered if I could make my
own by working several patterns side by side, separated by narrow
seed-stitch sections - and you answered my unasked question! I’m about
one-quarter of the way through the “Dancing Cables” afghan right now, and
I’m already looking forward to making my own pattern for the next one.