Aran Laptop Cover

I came across a pattern yesterday from Canadian Living magazine called the Aran Laptop Cover. Since I own a laptop I thought this would be a great pattern to knit. However, the pattern has links for the cable stitches which are the long rope cable and the wild oak cable, which is a beautiful cable. While I’m listening to the baseball game tonight, I’m going to write the pattern out(I’ll be glad when I get my printer), has anyone else made one?

Aliann, it looks like a very nice pattern. Can’t wait to see pictures when you make it. :thumbsup:

I found the pattern online.

Oooh, it’s beautiful. I love everything aran. I would make it, but i don’t have a laptop. pout

You’d better post pictures!!

Ooo, I can’t wait to see your photos!! I wonder if I could alter the pattern for my laptop - I have a widescreen … :??

Dude, that’s irritating that they linked the cables like that. Just include them in key like everyone else… :!!!:Ok … </rant> :teehee:


I’m new around here, this is my first post. I have one question concerning the Aran Laptop cover. Is it knit in the round? Because the pattern asks for a 24" Circular Needle? I am confused!

No, Elaida. The pattern is done flat; however, some people find it easier to work with circular needles when working with a wide and or heavy project.