Aran Lapghan Suggestions

My Mom has an Irish livingroom, so I wanted to knit something with lots of cables for her.

I’ve seen the pictures of the big aran afghan (like Silver did)

So here is my question…I’m thinking of doing about 9 squares…which do you suggest?

Also what yarn do you suggest? I think I want to do an off white/cream as I’m not sure what shade of green would work in the room.

I’d suggest Plymouth Encore, the yarn used for the Great American Aran Afghan. It’s soft, washable and reasonable.

As for what squares to use, look and see which ones you like best. Do you have the GAAA booklet?

Where would you get ahold of said booklet if you did not have one? :thinking:

If you just Google ‘Great American Aran Afghan’ you should find sites that sell it. Amazon has some used, too. There are several, so you can pick the site or dealer that works for you.