Aran knitting

I want to knit an aran blanket, so far this is the coolest one I could find…but it might be a bit much for my first try. Also it looks as though it needs about 3,700 yards.

Anyone got any other aran blankets that they wanna share?

oohhh, that’s purty :inlove: (oh, hello there ravelry favs button!)

This one form Canadian living uses a bit less yarn and fewer cables/twists.

I think the Magknits one could be altered fairly easy to whatever
size and detail you want. It is done in panels so you could make
narrower panels by leaving out some of the sections and in the
center panel where there are so many different cabling patterns
you could leave out some of them and just do those sts in a simpler
pattern. Just a thought…

Libbie :slight_smile:

Wow, both of those are beautiful. My LYS is having a Aran Sweater Class and when I saw the sample, it was in color royal blue, I asked the owner, is that real hard, she told me yes.
Those afagans are wonderful, to be able to create something like that. Maybe next year for me when I have more experience.
Hope to see pics.