Aran Knits Wall hanging

One of the members of the snb I started up in our area was my first grade teacher! Since I’ve become an adult–we’ve become pretty good friends. A few days ago she returned from a two week trip to Ireland and brought me back this cool little wall hanging that she got at the aran islands. I thought it was neat and wanted to show it off…It has pictures stamped onto it of different stitches and their meaning to the people of the aran islands. I thought it was pretty interesting…I did my best to get good shots of the whole hanging; I tried to get a few up close shots of some of the stitches.

That’s really neat!! I knew that the different stitches had meaning, but I didn’t know what. A very thoughtful gift!

Ohhhh that is wonderful! What a very special gift! I would love something like that!

Very cool!

What a marvelous gift! :heart:

:smiley: What a nice friend…that’s so cool :sunglasses:

how cool :slight_smile: :cheering: