Aran jumper/cardigan

I am making myself an Aran jumper (only one sleeve and the neck to go) from A Sirdar pattern. However, I have an old book that says that the traditional method of making Aran jumpers is from the top down with saddle shoulders - unfortunately that’s all it says as there are no garment patterns as it is a book of stitch patterns. I have been trying to find a pattern that would tell me how to do this, but all the patterns I have found so far are knit bottom up with separate front and back and set in sleeves (like the one I’m doing now). Anyone know where I can find any??
On another note I want to knit a plain v-neck cardigan to replace the one my mother shrank in the wash when I was 16 - I’m still mourining it’s loss 12 years later. I have some aran weight wool but can’t find anything online that is plain enough. I am thinking I could knit it all in one go up to the arms and then separate the back and front - but last time I tried making up my own pattern (again when I was 16) it was a shapeless disaster that ended up a cat blanket… I have found the directions online for the custom fit raglan (no pictures though) so I was wondering if there was anything similar for cardigans???

how about this :shrug:

that’s great thanks. I’ll read through it later