Aran for Hubby

Just finished on time :slight_smile: Am really grateful to the hostess of the knittinghelp … The sources here were very encouraging to proceed with my project. Please have a look to see if you like it :

The teacher was great and continues to be … Thank you so much for sharing what you know. This indeed is a great virtue :slight_smile: and much appreciated. I guess if you get to see what I did mostly with your instructions, you’ll also be proud …

Pssst, BTW … The design is mine :slight_smile:



That is an absolutely stunning sweater. Your hubby looks quite thrilled with it, as well he should be. You did a fabulous job! Congratulations.

Really, truly, beautiful! Your cross stitch patterns are wonderful also, went to your site and immediatly wanted quite a few of them.

I’m Armenian with a little Turkish thrown in, and your patterns really speak to me.

That looks amazing. Wonderful work and such a great design.

Excellent job. :thumbsup: Your husband looks very comfortable in his new sweater.

VERY beautiful!!

I just purchased a book on [U]Aran Knitting for Beginners [/U]and hope to start an aran project soon.

I love aran designs & yours is gorgeous!

Your husband looks fantastic in it. Very handsome indeed.

It’s beautiful!

It looks fabulous and your husband seems to like it too! Great job!

It’s beautiful, and your DH looks quite nice in it! Congratulations!

That’s wonderful! Great job! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous!!! I dream of being able to make something like that some day. What an inspiration!!

:woot: It looks wonderful! You did an amazing job…

THAT is one BEAUTIFUL sweater! I bet a sweater like that would cost a few hundred dollars in a store. Just beautiful.

Pelin! My oh My! You are truly an inspiring knitter! What a wonderful Aran sweater! The handsome man modeling the sweater looks very pleased with it!

It’s a beautiful sweater and your husband seems really proud of it and comfortable too:thumbsup:

Ooh that’s a beautiful aran!

Your sweater is beautiful! If it were me…I might just have to “steal” it from my hubby!!:wink:

That is one great looking sweater. :thumbsup:

Wow, that looks fantastic-what a great design! Your DH looks so handsome in it-well done!!