Aran cable blanket

It will be a long time before I do cables again. Whew! My daughter saw this pattern, Bernat Aran Cable Blanket and wanted it really bad. It is 50" x 55" and got pretty heavy after a while. She loves it which makes my hands and shoulders feel a little better:knitting:
I hope I have done this right.

Wow, that is beautiful! Your cable work is especially pretty. Should keep your daughter warm for a loooooong time!

Wow! That is just gorgeous. Your daughter should treasure this for years to come. Great work!

Thanks! This picture shows the cables a little better. It washed up beautifully! Just before I finished this we were told we are going to be grandparents! Of course I wanted to hurry and finish this and get started on something for my first grandchild. I did tell her, that one will not have cables!:happydance:

So beautiful !!!

Beautiful work! And congrats to you and your daughter … I’m sure the new addition to your family will be spoiled with all kinds of lovely knitted items! :woot:

Thank you! Oh yes, I am already doing the christening blanket and can’t wait to get started on all sorts of things.

Wow!! What a work of heart!! Just beautiful!

:inlove: Beautiful!

Thanks, and yes it was from the heart. I really did not want to do this one but she loved the pattern, so what is a mom supposed to do?

What is a Mom supposed to do? Just what you so beautifully did! That is really pretty and she’s sure to enjoy it for years to come.

You’ll love being a grandparent, it’s the best way to do all the things you wanted to do for your own kids while reliving your own childhood. We bought a stick horse for our 3 y.o. grand daughter, what fun!

What a lovely blanket! Wonderful cable work. Congratulations on your grandchild-to-be!

Wow - beautiful work! I can see why you are cabled out!! :eyes: Congrats on becoming a grandma too!

Holy cow! This is a gorgeous white wonderland of soft gentle cabling!
Wonderful work! You should be very proud!

Thanks for all the compliments. It was quite an accomplishment with those darn cables. I am a tight knitter and it about drove me over the edge. Can’t wait to be a grandma and work on “little” things for a while.