Aragorn Socks

:woot: I’m so excited about these socks, not quite finished yet, but had to share…plus it’s gratuitous Shih Tzu picture time! :wink:

The pattern is the Aragorn Socks, by or, She’s Tabitha on Ravelry. My project page is here on Ravelry for more pics.

Matches the rest of her set, the Aragorn scarf, hat & fingerless gloves. Loooooove it. Can’t wait for cool weather to show it off! Sock yarn is Koigu, it matches just EXACTLY the Knit Picks from the rest of the set!!!

FYI, my foot is an average width. These were my first successful toe-ups, so I don’t know if this is normal but before I started the cabling (after toe was finished) they seemed HUUUUUUGE, but the cabling made them fit perfectly!!!

I think it’s normal since cabling tends to pull stitches in more. Anyway beautiful work. Your set looks amazing!

Gorgeous socks!!!



And yes, it is normal for the cabling to seem big at first. You typically have more stitches than average to accommodate the extra pulling in that happens with cables. It always seems to work out in the end, though.

LOVE your yarn choice! The Koigu is pretty easy to knit with, eh? The colorways are vibrant too!

Once again, GREAT job!!!

Lovely! Gorgeous color.

What a beautiful set!!! Love the color and stitch designs! Off to look at your ravelry! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous sock in a great color!

Great sox! And great Shih Tzu, too! You know they’re my soft spot!


I, too, love the whole set. Really pretty color.

Gorgeous, what a great color too

Thanks ALL for the sweet responses, and kisses to Katie! :wink:

Wow, very pretty!!

:woot: Finished! Loooooove these socks! (Link goes to my Ravelry page for more pics).

Nice!!! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous! :woot: I love the ‘vining’ all over these. Did you make all those items? Really pretty set, and an extra hat. :slight_smile:

Your socks are awesome! As are all the other items.
Beautiful color and pattern and very well knit and finished.

Your foot rest looks a little annoyed that his/her nap was interrupted.