April, 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

We’d love to see your latest finished project or work in progress. Let us know what’s on your needles too.
These fellows are a little inspiration:
High school boys in New York knitting for the soldiers during World War I.


I snitched the idea for gusset increases for shaping from this pattern. I just finished the first set of increases (14 sts) and this round I’ll start the next set (16 sts). I’m thinking of trying to mirror image the shapes on the back of the heel. Other than that it’s another pair of vanilla socks for me, 56 sts on US sz 1 and now sz 0 after the toe, two at a time, toe up, magic loop. Same old same old. :heart_eyes: My favorite knitting would bore most people to tears.


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Thank you for this, it’s very interesting, never made toe up socks and the double gusset has grabbed me.(want to knit socks now!!)

I’m glad you’re interested. I’m well into the second set of increases but I dropped some stitches while riding in the car earlier and have some fixes to do. If you prefer cuff down socks there’s a pattern for it. My socks are always pretty boring. I find they feel better if I just use stockinette so I’ve not done much to fancy them up. Playing with the gusset is at least something different.

this may be the first and only time I’ve ever seen a group of young boys, in suits or anything else, knitting !

Started a cream and grey cowl. If the insignia stitch shows up well enough and I can get my rhythm with the bamboo pop, I’ll share a pic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Every knitters dream? I made the sweater then added the fingerless mitts, the cable ear warmer band and the slippers. My friend is holding the last of the leftover yarn. My first attempt at an adult sweater. So glad it fit her.


She’s beautiful and shows off your knitting so well. Excellent work.

What will you make with the leftovers? lol It’ll have to be tiny!

The sweater turned out beautifully and looks perfect on your friend. I love the mitts, ear warmers and slippers; great accessories!.

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hat3 adj copycosy adj copy


In answer to 2018 Whatcha’ Knitting? post. Hope I am posting this correctly.
I am a novice knitter. Please excuse me if I get my knitting terms incorrect at times.
I’ve completed two projects.
One is a stocking cap. The pattern for this colorful cap was designed by Joanne Scantlebury Muckart and called for ribbing and then stockinette stitches. I chose many more yarns than called for in the instructions and changed the yarns frequently. The ends to be woven in later looked like quite a fringe!
I also desired a thicker band of ribbing to keep my ears warm. I wanted to do this with two strand double knitting, but a first attempt at that stitch proved too complicated for me.
I doubled the amount of ribbing, folded it inside and stitched it in place. Also, the adult size directions gave me a finished hat which was much too small for me. I probably knit too tight and didn’t know that the gauge (?) can vary from one knitter to another.
I added a inset of knitting to make the circumference fit my head. I undid the sewing for the inside ribbing, knitted a band of extra ribbing and sewed it all together to lengthen the hat but keep the warmer, thicker ribbing for my ears. The tassel in the photo was untrimmed. It is now about an inch in length. Been enjoying the cap all winter.
The second project was a tea cosy for my smaller teapot which I use daily. It is based on a pattern found on the internet. The instructions called for regular garter stitch using two colors of yarn. Stranded knitting. There was a pompom type top knot of crochet cording on the top, which I didn’t like.
I decided to do the cosy using two strand double knitting. With the help of Sockmatician’s clear and wonderful instructional videos, I made the cosy. I knitted a test swatch to figure out the amount of stitches I would need to fit my teapot and managed to make a similar design for the two strand double knitting. The top decorations are crocheted. I’ve been using the cosy for my daily tea and it works better and keeps it hotter than my cloth cosy.
I am planning to put the yarn and needles away, but today I made tea in my large teapot and thought that maybe I should knit a cosy for that one! Uh oh!

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I really like your hat and your tea cozy. I am so glad you are improvising already. You’ll never be tied to a pattern and have to follow it exactly. You are indeed the boss of your own knitting!

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Wonderful hat and tea cozy! Your colors on the hat as so cheerful and the flower on the tea cozy is lovely topper. Tea, anyone?

I’m working on top down socks, sooner or later they will be perfect…lol


Progress on Shorescape cardigan by Amy Herzog



There’s nothing quite like hand knit socks and yours look amazing.

Beautiful sweater! I love your colors.

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No second sock syndrome for you! The socks are going to be lovely and comfy.

Beautiful pattern and excellent color choice. I like the stripe progression.

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Thank you salmonmac and grumpy grandma.

I am working on a baby blanket for my daughter-in-law . She asked me to make one for a friend that is having a baby. I am using the yarn that she sent me from Knit Picks, Silver gray, Freesia, and Marina. I am using a variation of the feather and fan stitch. Just the pattern row and the purl row, try it and see how it turns out.

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