April 2017, What'cha Knitting?

This is no April Fool, we’re finally into April, a wonderful month for knitting (as are they all). What are you up to? Have you been this lucky?


Ha! That’s cute! I’ll take pics during daylight tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I think I’m on a hat kick (I think I started knitting on a hat kick). Finished the one for my friend, made the skull cap for her in 2 days. Decided I liked the skull cap, would be good for around the house all year when I can’t get warm.

Thought I might finish it during infusion but they got me out of there fast, been sleeping and picking away at it since. Just now setting the dec markers. Hopefully finish it tomorrow.
Colorblind, I really don’t notice the different colors except in bright light or on camera.

After this I want another DK fingering alpaca hat and a DK Simply Soft hat.

Walmart also has 3 Simply Soft colors I have my eye on for sweaters.


Why not be on a hat kick! Subtle colors but beautiful combination, Mike.

After so many sweaters hats seem like instant gratification. Also uses up the extra skeins and balls from the sweaters.

The colors are beautiful, Mike.

Thanks. Always good to have confirmation when I can’t really see them. I figure plant colors usually are a good choice.

Oh Salmonmac…I laughed out loud!!!
I have dk for the xmas table, one 1898 hat,
And a hat with self striping yarn. What are you knitting?

I’m in baby sweater mode. We have our first granddaughter due in July. Hooray!


Oh congratulations! Precious times.

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Great hat, Mike! The colors are subtle, but they look nice together.

As you know I also like knitting hats. I love the instant gratification and a small project to play with pattern and color.

I can see why you’d make hats for donations, these skull caps are very fast.
Messed up, Dr’s appointment isn’t next week, it’s tomorrow! Might need to start another hat. I could see them replacing washcloths as something I always keep ready to grab. I think the one size fits all 2x2 rib would be just as easy as garter or seed stitch without looking at the dentist.

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Here is what I have so far of the Fibonacci sequence afghan. I had to piggy-back two 40" circulars to get the last mitered square started. The stitches are all really bunched up, bit as I work through the decreases, it should get easier. Eventually I can get all the stitches on one circular needle. And this is the last square I’m adding to it!

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Gorgeous and an engineering feat! That yarn color is unbelievably beautiful.

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You’re welcome, Mike.

Hooray! Congratulations xx How lovely for you :smile:

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That’s so exciting! Yay!

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Just finished a toy to go with a little dress I did a while ago. Currently knitting a baby cardigan

Love knitting the little animals.


What a cute little bunny! Or doggie! Love it!

What a perfect accompaniment to the dress! Both are beautifully worked and will be treasures for the lucky recipient. Very well done.

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