Appreciative but a bit of a rant

Hello all, I have a fellow coworker who’s mother passed away recently. She was a crocheter and a bit of a yarn horder (ah, we get that) Except she was in her 90’s and horded bad red heart acrylic yarn. In very large quantities. Fellow coworker has very graciously (I really do appreciate the gesture) been giving me her mother’s yarn as she goes thru her things. Some yarn has been ok, like the sugarncream in ginourmous amounts, and some pretty mill ends but…
here is the bit of a rant
It’s all smelly. It’s mostly red heart in goodness awful colors. She is putting in the bags all of the odds and ends her mother made, which makes me a bit uncomfortable looking at that, I try to give it to her and say “I thought you might want this” but she doesn’t.
So what do I do with the 8 lengths of decent blanket she started? and the cute crocheted snowman I have absolutely no use for? And the baby hats? I know I will end up donating all of the stuff I dont want (most) but what do I do with the other stuff?
And is it ok to kinda start to feel like I’m goodwill?
Seriously, I am in no way shape or form not happy or grateful for the generosity, but :hair:I’m a bit frustrated anyway.
Thanks for reading my rant:zombie:

i’d say donate all the knitted/crocheted stuff you don’t want to frog.
i know knitting/crocheting charities will accept yarn donations too…
as for the smelly stuff you want to keep, you can knit it smelly and wash later, or a few ppl here have laid the offending yarns out on a hot sunny day to let them air out.

post it on freecycle. that’s how i got rid of a LOT of my stash before we moved (and no, i haven’t built it back up… YET).

as for the smell, pick up some arm and hammer dryer sheets, toss one in a plastic bag with the smelly yarn (if it smells like cat pee, good luck getting it out) and tie it up tight, leave it for a week or two… that’s what i have to do with stuff from my MIL’s since it smells like cigarette smoke

If you can tollerate the smell or can easily freshen it per previous suggestion…knit up some simple squares that could go to the humane society for kennel blankets :thumbsup:

I’d say accept the stuff in the spirit it is intended. Febreeze is some amazing stuff for getting out odors.

There are lots of charities to which you can donate the stuff, the freecycle idea is a good one, as well as Craigslist.

If nothing else maybe you can knit yourself a car cozy. :whistle:

A car cozy in Red Heart! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I agree with those who suggested charity. First of all, giving feels good. Look at it as your friend not knowing how to get the yarn to those who can appreciate and truely have need of the yarn. And you know how to find such people.

I’d look at it as you being a conduit for grace. nods

I was in a similar situation, except the knitter was still alive and just destashing.

She gave me a HUGE bag filled to the top. I was so excited. Till I tried to pull the yarn out… and realized everything was tangled together… i mean yarn needles, hooks all tangled into one big mess… There were a handful of really itchy yarn balls that were loose, but really small.

It ended up in the trash, but I did manage to get some great vintage knitting books.

At least they meant well. :heart:

Last year a woman in our church died and her daugther gave our resident knitter (not me) all her mother’s stash.

The woman from our church took it and made blankets and gifts for all the woman’s grandchildren. Can you do somehing like that with the stuff you don’t want?


If not donate, donate, donate.

I’ve also received bags and bags of stash and felt that I should use the yarn, but I know what you are saying about some of the colors ~ especially the variegated red, white and blue; orange, brown and yellow, etc.

I also didn’t know the yarn amounts in each skein or the color lot so I made hats and scarfs for donation. My friend’s parents knew some ladies that would use the yarn so I happily gave them my garbage bags of yarn.

Good luck!

Do yo think she would like an throw made with her mother’s yarn? :shrug:

thanks for all the suggestions guys!:muah:I’m pretty sure that it will end up being donated to a church or local thrift store. We have one here called Silver Angel run by a bunch of old ladies that I’ve gotten a lot of my needles from for cheap, so maybe this is a good way to return the favor?

I agree. There have been several posts here lately of people looking for yarn for charity projects. WQhat you can’t use give away.

yes, be grateful…and then pass it on to other charities. Our grade school art teachers also like yarn goodies. I would not give the ‘smelly’ stuff away until you ‘de-smell’ it. The previous posts have good suggestions for the odors. Think of your reaction when you got the smelly stuff…the other person will feel the same. But, there are plenty of organizations that take yarn. Give it away with a good heart and a smile!

my dh said i should have posted our address :slight_smile: “free is free”… um yeah hon, ok… granted i like red heart for afghans (it lasts quite a while through the toddler tests) but i’m not happy with how the quality has declined (i had to frog the entire front of the weasley sweater i’m making in RH super saver’s navy… got halfway through the skein and found fuzzies from OTHER colors stuck, try to remove them and it just made it even worse… now i’m very upset because school starts in 2 weeks and i wanted to have it finished for him for then…

This is almost exactly what I was going to say. :wink:

A year or so ago when I was new and had no stash I posted an add on Freecycle for yarn that I would use for charity. What I got was pretty much what you are describing… very old, smelly, scratchy RH in awful colors. I did use some of it, but a lot will be re-donated. Until I started knitting I didn’t know the difference in yarns. I thought “yarn is yarn” with some being more expensive and had no idea that there are good and bad acrylics. I bet your coworker has no idea either. So accept the generosity and pass it on. :hug:

:muah:Thanks guys! I think I will go home and febreeze it and maybe take some pics and see if any of our fellow KH’ers want any, especially our crocheters for the pieces of blanket that are really nicely started to finish up maybe for charity or something. If anyone is interested check the buy/trade and charity knitting section tomorrowish for pics.
I appreciate all the advice! I really do love the gesture of my coworker, and of course I understand non-knitters aren’t so into what yarn is, no worries. Just wanted advise on how to pass on the gesture!:knitting: