Applying for a job

When i first started university i did so with a very clear goal in mind. There was a particualrl job which i knew was rare and unusual but that i was determined one day to be able to do.
well 5 years later after a degree and an MSc a job doing exactly what i wanted to do (i mean exactly) has become available. now according to the criteria i am slightly in experienced for it, but do have some of the experience and all the necassary qualifications.

I have until the 1st of March to get a cover letter and CV into them and i am pouring my heart and soul into the cover letter.
I am determined that they will see that despite my (perhaps) relative lack of experience I am the person for the job.
boy is it hard work though. I have written and re-writen it half a dozen times and i’m still not happy with it! It’s getting there paragrpah by paragraph though.

Sorry about the long post, i just needed to vent some of my application anxiety!

Good luck! I’m crossing my fingers and sending good thoughts your way Crossed Fingers

Sending you get the job vibes from across the pond. Sounds like the perfect job!:muah:

Sending good vibes your way! You will do great–just believe in yourself. :thumbsup:

Wishing you the best of luck with the letter and application. you still have a little time so maybe you need a day off and think about something else and then go back and try again. If you are still at UNI can you show your efforts to your Guidance councillors and see what they think.

Our son went through this kind of thing recently. We strongly suggested that he have someone in the field check over his cover letter, and he went as far as to pay someone to do so. We’re still waiting . . . but after reading the final letter, and his CV, I’m sure he’ll get it.

We’ll be hoping the best for you, also!

:hug:Good Luck!:hug:

:hug: I know what it is to want something with your whole heart. I wish you all the best! If it helps, try to look at your cover letter through their eyes. What would you want to see, if you were hiring you? Sometimes, being overly emotional isn’t the right way to go. (But, being passionate about your work is great!) So, strike the balance between your head and your heart. I’m sure they’ll see that and realize what a “catch” you are! :muah: GOOD LUCK!

Sending positive energy your way. Best of luck, I hope you get it.

Good Luck!

I’m leaving Uni in June. I have a plan but with the job situation as it is it may not work out. I need a year off worrying about deadlines so I’m having a year out before I do a PG course. Gotta get that experience (and money of course!).

I hope it works out for you!

I hope you get a job.

Just a quick question for anyone in this forum, does anyone know of any good cover letter sites for jobs that is.

Thanks in advance.

Good Luck. There are some good articles and examples on the internet.

I have found the carreers advice sections of university websites to be helpful in the past. Kent Uni was particularly good and i didn’t even go to that uni!

After much writing, re-writing and checking over (with the help of my former tutor and my manager) i put the application in the post. Now i just have to wait and see if i hear anything. This could be excrutiating as they state that they will only contact those who are short-listed, but don’t give a date for this.

:heart: :grphug: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue][B]we all wish you the best of luck![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :grphug: :heart:

The best of luck.:hug: