applied icord

On garter stitch edge of poncho want to use applied icord; what is the pick up ratio ? Watching you tube it appears that the cast on edge is being used in stitch pickup

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If you use the cast on edge, you can usually pick up at one to one. That’s the same ratio that you would use for an I-cord bind off.
Here’s one video which you may have already seen:

And how many people know/remember that I cord started out as/used to be/ should be

Idiot’s Delight - bottom of hard back p 105

Knitting Without Tears My book is 1971. Look up under “cords, knitted” in the index.

There is a picture of four mittens and a ski pole just above the name and how to do.

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Thanks, will search for this book

Indeed. And people constantly spell the author’s name wrongly, including writers and editors at knitting magazines!