Applied icord with two-color knitting

I’m planning to knit an EZ tomten jacket in two colors. I’d like to edge it with icord, and have a couple of questions:

Can I do an attached icord as I’m knitting the project? I would want the icord to be in one color, so can I carry the icord color up the side of the project and attach as I go while striping, or is this an impossible dream?

If I attach the icord after the project is basically complete, it would be easiest to pick up the stitches if I have slipped the first stitch of each row. In the past, however, I’ve seen that striping and slipping the first stitch makes the selvage look messy. Would the mess be covered up by the attached cord? Is there a way to slip that first stitch when striping that doesn’t make the selvage look awful?
Thanks for any advice!


I would add the icord after it’s knit and forget about slipping the first stitch, since you’ll be picking up the stitches anyway.

Thanks, Ingrid!