Applied icord vs icord bind off

Is there a difference? I want to have a nice finish to my first baby surprise jacket. I’ve read that either one of these will work. Is there a difference? I’m not quite done with it yet so there has been no bind off so both are still an option right?


Dang it…I had a whole reply and accidentally clicked back and then it disappeared… sigh…

I think they may be the same although I can’t be sure. Unfortunately in the knitting world terms are often interchanged.

Just do the i-cord bind off and it’ll bind off and create the corded edge all at the same time. Here’s some help.

Here’s my first BSJ with the i-cord bind off. Click the pic for a larger picture.

Thanks! Now I have a couple more questions for you!

did you seam the top and then do the icord?

Thanks! Your BSJ is cute!!


Thanks! I actually used the i-cord bind off for the top of the sleeve, too. You can see it better on this one. If I did it again I might try seaming the sleeve first, but this is kind of neat and it looks different. BTW…I added length these sleeves which you can kind of see they are slightly narrower.

In the second one you can use stitches that have not been cast off right?

Why do you k2 tbl? How does that change the stitches? (I love that I understand enough to be able to ask that now :thumbsup:)

I’m not sure if you are asking about two different things or the same thing…

I’m not entirely sure of the mechanics of it (why k2tbl), but I know it works. I just used it for the top of my Crazy Socks which I’ll be posting a finished picture of in in a few minutes. :wink:

Now as to the first question…I can use stitches that have not been cast off for what? The i-cord bind off? Yes, that is the best way to do that, but I “think” you can p/u stitches and then do it, too. It’s been awhile since I made this sweater so I’m not entirely sure at what point I have bound off stitches and live stitches anymore.