Applied i-cord tutorial/online video

I know I have seen this… can anyone tell me where I can find…? :eyes: :blooby:

Do you mean this one?

Amy also has this info in the techniques section under i-cord.

[B]How to attach i-cord to a garment[/B]

               [B]*Knit all of the i-cord stitches in the row, except the                     last  stitch. Slip the last stitch. Knit a stitch from the                     garment  (or pick up a stich along edge, if no live stitches).                     Passed  slipped stitch over garment stitch. Prepare to work                     the next row, by sliding stitches to the other end of right                     needle (on a DPN or cable needle), or  slipping all                     stitches from right needle onto left needle. Repeat from                     *.[/B]

Thank you for the link… I looked all over then remembered my knitting friends here at

Happy knitting