Application of fabric glue on Yarn

Ok, am thinking instead of sewing large snaps to yarn on vest front as instructed, how would fabric glue work? I am trying to find a way to eliminate the “pull” on the snap at stress points and come up with a way to securely seat the snap. Or would this idea be a total bust?

Also, are there any magnetic snaps out on the market (not the kind used for purse closures).


I think glue would leave a stiff spot and may not be washable. :think:

How about snap tape?

Or you could sew grosgrain ribbon on the back of the garment at the fronts and then sew the snaps on?

Here’s some magnetic ones.

Just google snap tape or magnetic snaps and you’ll get lots of hits, too.

Too cool, Jan! Thanks for all the insight. Will check out the links.