Apple green and cream baby sweater and hat

I finished another gift for the baby shower. I made this in a 9-12 month size as well as the hat. I always like to buy or make bigger baby gifts as most people buy newborn stuff.

I love the green color and may make something else with it down the road.

It is Knitpicks Shine worsted in apple green and cream. I really didn’t like the cotton blend as I set the color in vinegar water then washed it and it pilled pretty badly.

That is adorable. Great gift.

That is just too cute. You did a great job!

it is so cute. i love the colors you chose.

Adorable! Love the colors!

I didn’t know Shine pilled! It came out really cute though!

It’s lovely well done x

Well it may not normally, but of course, mine did! I picked fuzz for at least an hour yesterday! :roflhard:

That is a cute set, but it is too bad about the pilling.

That’s adorable! What a great idea to give them something a bit bigger. I love the colours- very cute.

oh my goodness, how adorable!!

:heart: I just love the set. You did a very nice job and the color is great.:yay:

Cute set!! I love the green too.

Very cute. Would you mind sharing what pattern you used?

:inlove: too cute!!

What a wonderful Set Nonny! They are lovely and the colours compliment each other perfectly :slight_smile:

This is the pattern for the sweater. It has matching booties I didn’t want to do.

I just winged the hat, cast on 90 st on a size 6 circ, knit in the round for about 5 inches, started my decrease at 6, k2tog, then a row of knit, then 5, k2tog, then a row of knit, etc. I changed to dpns around the 4 row dec I think At the 3 knit 2 tog I started the green and kept it throughout. When I had just 6 stitches on the 3 needles, I bound off 2 then did a few rows of I-cord for the top.

These are nice and I :heart: the colors :slight_smile:

Very pretty! Love that green color.

It looks so sweet! That is one lucky baby :slight_smile: