I am working on a mitten pattern. It is going to be a Christmas tree decoration. Please help me decipher the following instructions:

"Next round, (MC): Place first 6 sts on waste yarn, K40, place last 6 sts on waste yarn, join to continue knitting active sts in the round."
How do I "join to continue knitting active sts in the round?



Hmmmm, could be they just want you to continue knitting in the round. Do you have a link to the pattern, or a picture of it? Or write out the row just before and just after this one too. I can’t visualize what should happen here.

Yes, a link would help.

Could those 12 stitches be for the thumb? It sounds like it so if it is just take the stitches off like they said and then keep knitting the stitches around them. It’ll stick out like a thumb and you’ll probably put those stitches on needles later for finishing. Of course this is all based on the idea that it IS a thumb.

Simpler to take 6 stitches from the right needle and place on waste yarn, then take 6 stitches from left needle and place on waste yarn…12 thumb stitches. You will have to make sure you pull hard enough on your working yarn to avoid a gap when you join/knit the first couple of stitches from the left needle. Continue knitting in the round until you reach the directions for decreasing.

Judy D

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your speedy replies! I am still learning how to navigate this system. I appreciate your help. I think I can finish now. I was not able to include a link because the pattern came from a Knitpicks pattern book for holiday ornaments. However, I will be sure to include more info in my future posts.