APB For Osh Kosh

DD just called & is upset. She can’t find any Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls for her son. She needs a 9 month size. Does anyone live near an OKB"G store?

I’ve looked at our JCPenny & Kohls no luck…Target, no luck…

Why do kids come up with the one item we as parents feel we have to turn the world upside down looking for… ?

You don’t even want to know what I have done for a certain present at X-Mass… (Once I was almost arrested, lol )

Thanks for the look…I appreceite any help.

I am close to an osh kosh outlet. i buy stuff there all the time, and have never found any defects. i think the are just located at the outlet mall. i would be happy to look for you.

thank you thank you thank you… just sent you a pm…:hug:

I’m not to far from a OK outlet either… I bought tons of kid clothes there when dd was their sizes…

If you send a list of sizes and acceptable colors I can bring it with me next time I’m there.