Anyway to hide your knitting?

i’m going out of town to be with family all weekend and the uncle i’m making my an afghan for will be there [his surprise christmas present] but i REALLY need this time to work on it 'cus i’m so behind. is there any trick you can use to like somehow hide the knitting? like a big bag over it or something?

That would draw more attention to it. Don’t hide it, work on it in plain sight, but don’t say who it’s for. When someone asks you what you’re working on, just say it’s an afghan and leave it at that. Your uncle may see it but won’t know it’s for him - let that part be the surprise.

i think there is something delicious about working on a gift for someone right in front of them if they have no idea it will be for them. especially if they oooo and aaah over it. Unless you have done a colorwork pattern that has your uncle’s name right across the afghan, I would say work on it in front of him.

Do you really think he’ll pay a lot of attention to what you’re knitting? :teehee:

but if you really want to keep it hidden, find a large tote bag with a wide opening, you can keep the bulk of your project in the bag and just work on it at the opening. transport, protection and stealth all at once.

If your family is half as nosey as mine there will be no way of hiding what you are knitting. I agree with PP just say it’s an afghan and leave it at that - plus, guys really aren’t that observant. If you really want to hide it put it in a bag and say you are trying to keep it clean and away from pet hair etc.

My mother always crochets with her afghans in a bag and people are forever asking her to pull it out so they can see.

There was a woman at my LYS knit night last night who was knitting socks for one of the other women. She even showed her the pattern she was using!

Unless there are circumstances we don’t know about I agree with the others about knitting in front of them all. Someone might ask who you are knitting it for, but just say “a friend” and leave it at that. After all, your uncle is a friend or you wouldn’t be going to all the trouble of knitting a giant afghan for him, no? :wink:

I agree with the others…if you keep it in a bag, not only will they ask who it’s for (which can be dodged), they will ask to see it. When you can’t take it out of the bag they’ll know it’s for someone there…Then EVERYONE will think it’s for them and be secretly dissapointed when it’s not.

Just had a little giggle to myself…I thought you could always but a bag over your uncles head then he couldn’t see what you were knitting xx


You can even say that it’s: A WEDDING GIFT, A BIRTHDAY GIFT, IT’S FOR ME, OR JUST AN AFGHAN… 'MAYBE, IF IT WORKS OUT and I don’t decide to unravel it… then, start talking on and on about the stitch pattern that you are using… offer to show '‘anyone who asks about it’ how this stitch is different, how to do the stitch… or try to get them to see how different parts of the afghan are different… etc.

trust me… go into that much detail and they won’t DARE ask who it is for… they won’t want to get close to you- in fear that you might point out the different stitches again.

I think this is why people walk the other way when they see me knitting. My family could only put up the front for so long and now they ignore me completely.

:roflhard: Jens - your reply made me laugh. I have used that method many a time with my husband. It works for things other than knitting to - I find I can go into detail about why I choose one brand of green beans over another, fabric, pillows…basically anything I don’t want to be bugged about.