Anything Knit for Haiti?

Since there were already & will be lots of orphans in Haiti after the disaster, I was wondering if knitted baby blankets , caps, etc would be appreciated. I realize it is warm there, but little children still need stuff to keep them warm. And I’ll bet they could all use little sweaters at night too. I have loads of acryllic yarn that came with a knitting machine. I’ll never use it, I only use natural fibers. Might as well share with those less fortunate.

there’s a group on Ravelry Hugs for Haiti that’s doing square for afghans. That’s the only group i know of but i bet there’s more on Rav

Yes, and this particular group will weave the squares into blankets. The person who started the Group has a contact who will get the finished blankets delivered to Haiti.

All these designers will donate 50% of the proceeds to Doctors without Borders to support the Haiti relief effort.

Looks like it will be a while before the true needs of the people of Haiti are known - beyond basic survival, which is the whole focus right now. I thought the squares were going to Africa somehow, must have missed something. Actually, I forgot there is a missionary office very near my home, a huge one, OFA. (I used to go to an associated church, but go elsewhere now). I remember a man who was in Haiti. He’d know what they’re going to need. So I think I’ll stop by. Can make a monitary donation for the cause and find out more. I prefer faith-based giving whenever possible anyway. Your money goes a lot farther.

I am trying to keep abreast of the latest developments, am contacting some people who would know what is needed and how to get it there etc.

I created a page that has a few things we can do now, as Second Responders, maybe Third responders as we knit.


as far as i know there are some etsy artists donating portions if not all of their sales to help in haiti. supporting them and receiving something in return is cool but if you can directly contribute some knitting that is so cool too.