Anyone's favorite scarf pattern with Noro transitions?

for Noro Transitions yarn. i have 3 skeins that my dh picked out for himself. it uses 10-11 needles and 3.5 spi. so pretty bulky.

it’s a blue/gray/green/purple colorway. i think something simple would be better (because i think any cables would disappear in the colors).

any suggesstions?:aww:

This pattern calls for 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon, described as a heavy worsted, so maybe not as bulky as the Transitions you have but with a scarf I don’t think your guage is that crucial. I think it such a cool scarf. I have it queued over on ravelry, just need to get the right yarn.
The colors your dh picked out sound kind of oceany. Nice choice by him!:thumbsup:

wow - i really like that and it looks like a fairly easy 8-row pattern repeat. i think it’s masculine enough - doesn’t look too lacy. i think i do a quick swatch of it and see how it looks and run it by him. thanks very much