Anyone work at home?

There are a few legitimate businesses that offer work at home opportunities. I’ve been thinking of applying for a couple of them. I have the computer, dedicated phone line, and a quiet space. Any else do it and how do you like it?

I do - but I started my own business (computer Internet Service Provider) versus one of those turn-key operations. I love it as I definitely make my own hours; I napped from 11:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. last night, had a bit of insomnia and worked from 2:00 a.m. until 4:30-ish, slept until 8:30 a.m. and after another two hours of e-mails, am taking off the rest of the day for golf.

Sometimes I will pull a 16-hour day and take off the rest of the entire week.

Been doing it for two years now and I don’t think I could ever work for anybody else ever again.

What exactly does that entail? What are the start up fees? Is it something anyone can do?

I’m asking because I really need to work, but could get by without a 40 hour a week job. My boyfriend and I live together and while it would be tight it’s doable.

I work at home too. I’m a consultant and have a contract with a big company. I work at home 4 days a week, and at the company one day a week. I love being in complete control of my schedule - this is by far the best part. It requires some discipline, but if it’s not a problem for you, it’s great! :thumbsup:

Since I’m a subcontractor, I have no benefits (insurance, etc.) - however I charge more per hour to compensate for that. The company can stop giving me work too, so it’s not necessarily stable. But for now it works well, and I do appreciate the independence!

There are many ways to work at home, and make sure to get all the information before accepting a job. What are the ties between you and them (regular employee or contractor?), are you paid by the job or by the hour, do you have to pay for all your supplies, etc. It can be a great opportunity - but there are also horror stories of people paid by the job having to work 12-15 hours a day 7 days a week to meet their deadlines because the expectations are completely unrealistic. You have to think of what it means in terms of income taxes (and possibly sales taxes if you have your own business), and notify your home insurance company too. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Spector - what I do is a bit of a specialty market and is something I stumbled into to. The start-up fees are fairly high ($5k a month) but the income is exponential ($60k to $80k a month).

The gist of it is contacts and knowledge of routers, servers, bandwidth, and the infrastructure of the internet. It is very technical and something I taught myself. But I also now get to travel extensively and often only work 10 or 20 hours a month.

A co-worker of mine recently quit her job to do medical transcription (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) from her home around her kids’ schedules.

I’m going to keep looking into all my options.

I’m just tired of going to work every day to someone else’s schedule. Plus I’ve been having problems with a protruding disc and it makes it uncomfortable to sit for long periods.

Today was a perfect example. School was closed due to snow, so the kids got to stay home, the boyfriend got to stay home, and I’m trudging out through the snow and icy roads to go to a job that really doesn’t satisfy me in the least.

I’m just really feeling too old to have to deal with this unhappiness and need to make a change.

I work from home. I work for a radio network answering correspondence. I do work 40 hour weeks but my days are my own schedule. I work around my kids so I get up early and most days am done before they get home from school.

My niece works from home doing medical transcription. She makes good money too.

I am a stay at home mom and I have the best job in the world!!!:aww: :heart:

We survive off of one income of less than 30,000 but the benefits are priceless. Some days it would be nice to have another income, but with costs of daycare and the stress, it is just not worth it in my opinion.

I work from home doing medical transcription. I am an IC, so I set my hours and times to fit my schedule. This is a job that I don’t dread doing.


Darcia, if we could truly afford this, I would be a SAHM too. Although working from home is the next best thing. No daycare cost, no special clothes for work, no expensive lunches. :slight_smile: My company pays 100% of medical/dental insurance (minus copays) and so it’s truly important for me to work. Plus it pays for the kids to go to a small private school.

How does one become a medical trasncriptionist? Working from home would be so ideal for me, with my medical issues.

I found this link:

while trying to find more info myself!

I’m lucky in that I work part-time, get off in time to pick up my daughter from school (I leave work @ 1:45pm), and my company allows me to work from home in the afternoons, if I want. I’m a computer tech at a law firm. I don’t think this is typical, but it’s something I worked out when I was hired. Being available for my children is my #1 priority, but I have to have $$ to pay for my daughter’s soccer expenses. It offers the best of both worlds, although I would rather be home full-time again.

The medical transcriptionist thing sounds great! i looked into it and it sounds like a promising career with a future. I am going to research more today and if I find out anything I will post it here.

For y’all that are interested in medical transcription, the first thing I can say is, do a lot of research. There are these so-called “matchbook schools” that promise you that you’ll make $60,000.00 the first year, stuff like that. It’s not true. If you’re serious about wanting to work from home immediately after finishing school, I would choose a school that can prepare you for it. I have been working at home since graduation and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The school I went to was tough, but it was thorough and I felt confident in my ability to be at home as opposed to a hospital setting or doctor’s office.

Here is the link for the school I went to -

Please feel free to PM me if anybody would like to talk further!

Have a great day!


Here is a link to other schools:

I really think I am going to do this. Compared to other ideas I was thinking about, this is less expensive and just makes more sense. The job market seems promising and the idea of a career instead of just a job appeals to me.

Right now my dds are young, (4 and 2) and so they get mom 100%. We do crafts, play, bake, go for explorer walks do ‘homework’. I will always cherish this time with them. Once they are in school I figure I will go back to work pt. I have a degree in social work and a rehab diploma so I will again give to the community. I thought about working from home and have friends that do. They tell me it is fine except they never have enough time to do the things they want like knitting and yoga and reading as home is also work. I suppose it depends on each person but if I had work in my home I would be constantly having a priority battle. 24 hours a day is not allot of time to divide.

Darcia, I think you are extremely lucky to be able to have time with your kids. I do not have any children of my own, but I have two stepkids. Taking care of kids is a lot of work!!

I just want to be able to make my own schedule, not deal with people that think they are better than me, not go out in the snow and sleet, etc. It was snowing hard this morning and I wiggled all the way to work, even with my Volvo. I’d rather be at home working than worrying all day about driving back home on the these roads.

Just an update, I’ve decided to do the medical transcriptionist and go to M-Tec. I did a lot of research, even going to the better business bureau and they seem like a very good school. I’m applying for a student loan this week!

I’m excited!