Anyone watch Joan of Arcadia?

…and were you as amused as I was last week when God was a knitter?? And she was an english knitter…who knew… :wink:

I did watch it… I liked the analogy of knitting and life.

There is a discussion about this over at Knitter’s Review Forum, but I was a bit irked that God’s vest (which she said she had knit) looked crocheted. Someone who knows someone else who works on the set said that it was, however, knit. Anyhoo, Joan is a great show! Season finale is tomorrow!

Love the show. Joan sure did knit fast. :XX:

I saw that one also. I thought it was awesome to see someone young knitting on tv. Love that show too. ~Brooke

I don’t ever seem to be home watch it… I need to set the TiVo!

That is not the type of show that either my husband and I would enjoy. That being said, we never miss it. We both love it and can’t figure out why. Hubby just snickered when G-d said knitting was the new yoga.