Anyone watch 'Ghost Hunters?'

I just got into watching his show. It is not a dumb as all those other ghosty shows, and they are actually quite funny. I guess it has been on for a while, but I just found out about it. I like how they try to disprove things.

I have never had any paranormal stuff happen to me, but I am interested in it never-the-less.:blooby:

I totally agree, Darcia,
I can’t stand those other shows where they have those teenybopper kids runnin amok screamin OMGOMGOMG!! That is soooo Blair Witch (ya’ll remember that one don’tcha?)
I like it cause they do take a more scientific approach without all the superfulous psychics n mediums n other bovine scatology.
Have you checked out the new one they have “ghost hunters international”? That is soo kewl they get to go to all these old (and I mean OLD) castles n stuff and investigate those. How kewl is that??:thumbsup:

No, I have to find out what station it is on and see if I get it. Right now Ghost Hunters comes on ‘Diva’ which, if you think about it is kind of funny. But that sounds goood. I love the historic factor in the old places. You would never catch me in those places at night, those dudes are pretty brave. I so far like the one that they go to the Philadelphia State Penitentiary. They actually catch a ghosty figure on cam. Their web site is pretty cool too.:out:

I used to watch it all the time, but I can’t find when it’s on now. I like the fact that they go in scientifically and not automatically assume that there’s paranormal activity. In fact, I think I’ve only seen a few shows where they were able to document something. I’ve started watching the show Paranormal State when I can catch it. It’s a pretty good one too.

I still watch it if I can stay awake long enough! LOL!! I like the international shows but usually only get through a couple of the regular shows. The only thing I don’t like is when they catch voices, it’s pretty creepy.

We watch it when we can…I really like the show though I don’t believe in ghosts. However, I have been witness to some strange things…Out here they play it on the Sci-Fi channel.

What have you seen? If you don’t mind sharing. If not that’s ok sometimes they say that an experience can be rather personal.

I to am a skeptic. I have never seen anything at all, but have heard allot of weird stuff happening to people I know. My dh saw an old lady floating outside in the woods by the lake when we lived in the Yukon. He used to be a skeptic.

I’ve tried to watch it but for some strange reason the tv always changes channels by itself. cue eerie music

I love this show!!! Don’t like the Ghost Hunter International as much and the regular Ghost Hunters is back in March on the SciFi channel here… :blooby:

Is that the one where they always have the night vision cameras? That kinda creeps me out, what with all their green glowing eyes and all. It used to be on Saturday mornings around here and I would watch while folding laundry. Too scary for night time! There are so many of those types of shows, I can’t keep them straight. There is one on Discovery (?) that is supposedly true stories of things that happened to people, I don’t recall the name. Maybe Haunted? That one really gives me the heebie jeebies!! It was always on at night, and I would basically listen, it was too scary to watch!! On this topic, I did see “something” when I was about 9 years old. I was sitting at the kitchen table, and you could see up to the top of the stairs that led to the bedrooms on the second floor. I just happened to glance up, and a dark shape moved across the top of the stairs. It was so scary, makes me shiver thinking about it to this day. I don’t know what it was, but it was something. More recently, here in my apartment, there have been little things happening. Once, I went in to the bathroom to fill the tub, but decided I should blow out the candle in the living room first before I took my bath (so curious kittys wouldn’t get too close.) When I got out to the living room, the candle was already out. What was really strange, the water was running when I got back to the bathroom… but I hadn’t turned it on before deciding to blow out the candle. The plug wasn’t in, the water was just running. Little things like that, not really scary, have happened. Just curious little things. Anyone else had any experiences?

That one is called “A Haunting”. I like watching it, but like you, it creeps me out. It’s a little too…I don’t know, theatrical and such for my liking. I prefer the ones where you have to think about it a bit. One night, I watched like 6 of those in a row and had some horrible nightmares.

No, don’t mind sharing at all! I haven’t seen anything totally crazy, but, there have been a couple things I cannot explain…Quite a few years ago, my ex husband and I were living in a small apartment, I mean really small. The living room and kitchen were one room, and, the only bathroom was in the only bedroom…lol…tiny…Anyway, one day my ex was at work and I was home alone with my kitty. I was in the bedroom sorting laundry, talking to my cat (yeah, we would have conversations…haha…she’d meow at me when I talked to her) who was sitting on a box, right in plain sight. All of a sudden I heard a noise that sounded like something was running, like a toilet or something. At first I thought nothing of it, thinking the people upstairs had probably flushed the toilet…time passed and I still heard the noise and thought, man, that toilet has been running for a while, so, I decided to check mine just in case. I jiggled the toilet handle but realized that it definitely was not my toilet making the sound. I stood there for a minute, baffled, and began to walk out of the bathroom. Well, on my way out, I noticed the switch was up for the vent fan in the bathroom. Uh, I didn’t turn it on, and no one else was in the apartment. My cat certainly didn’t do it as I was talking to her and I saw her right in front of me, and, there’s no way she could have even reached the switch. So yeah, that one was definitely weird.

There was another time when my ex and I were living in another apartment and we were sitting on the couch watching tv. The kitchen was next to the living room and where our couch was positioned, you could see a little ways into the kitchen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small orange light come on in the kitchen. I turned my head and noticed the stove had somehow turned on…without assistance from my ex or myself. It wasn’t the cat either, 'cause she was sprawled out on the living room floor in front of us.

Other members of my family have similar odd stories, like cd’s flying off counters right in front of their eyes, my mom had a cigarette in an ashtray in front of her one time and she saw the cigarette flip up and into the air and land on the floor in front of her, my brother witnessed his lighter fly across the room…Odd stuff…lol…

Still, none of us believe in ghosts…lol…My stance is those odd things cannot be absolutely proven to have been “ghostly” occurrences…Sure, there’s a flip side, that it can’t currently be proven that it wasn’t “ghostly” occurrences, but, I guess that’s my skepticism coming out…lol…I just can’t bring myself to believe that it could have been ghosts without some kind of reasonable evidence and all other scientific possibilities eliminated.

I agree with you. The weird stuff is weird on it’s own. Whether or not is is a ghost is yet to be proven. I just know I have not seen anything I can say for sure is a ghost.

One time, when I was about 13 I was taking a nap on my parents bed and I was awoken by a hard tap in the middle of my for head. No one was in the room. But I don’t know for certain what it was.

My husband is convinced he saw a ghost. He swears by it and he is no bser. He never liked to go out to chop wood at night after it happened. The area was used by the First Nations as a fish camp before the gold rush so you never know.

The one I have been watching is the one were they are Rooter Router plumbers by day and TAPS by night. I’ll have to get SciFi as I do not have it now.


We are big Ghost Hunters fan at my house. My son is totally into watching here on the east coast in NY, ghost hunters is followed by ghost hunters international.

I LOVE Ghost Hunters!! Especially, Grant, Jason and Steve! Love GHI, too!! Brian is a hoot!!

Several years ago we were vacationing in St. Augustine Florida, and while the hubbies were golfing, my friend and I wandered over to this beautiful lighthouse we had seen in the distance. We got there and thought it would be cool to go in. We didn’t go into the actual lighthouse because, let’s face it, a couple of big girls weren’t going to pay someone to let us walk up hundreds of steps! But, we did tour the lightkeeper’s house. I had never given much thought to ghosts and the paranormal, and at the time, we had no idea it had a reputation of being haunted. While we were in the basement though, I had an experience. I told Nancy I had to leave and went rushing out. I didn’t expect her to be, but she was right on my heels and when we got outside she said I was white as a sheet!

Last year, she called me in a panic telling me to turn the tv on to the Sci Fi channel. Ghost Hunters was at our lighthouse!! If you’ve seen the episode, it was one of the times they got documented activity. I could bare stand to watch it!! But, I’ve been hooked on the show and haven’t missed one since! I can’t wait for the new episodes to come on in March.

Wow Sharly, that sounds freaky man!

I had a chance to watch Paranormal State last night and it was scary, but in a way I wondered how much was real. They were in a mental asylum.

It was really freaky! I’ve never had anything like that to happen since!

I haven’t watched any other shows with a paranormal theme - do you know what channel Paranormal State comes on? That’s one thing about Ghost Hunters - I don’t think they fake things.

Did you see the episode where they were in an old Library and Steve and Tango were together, and Steve asked if anyone was there could they make a loud noise, and Tango accidentally kicked a trash can? It was hilarious!! We DVR the show and I bet we backed that up 4 times to see the look on Steve’s face!!

Paranormal State comes on A&E here. It is on later, at 11:00pm on Mondays, but I think it is on other times as well. I don’t watch it when the kids are up though, so late is fine.

No, I never saw the one in the library, but it sounds hilarious! I laugh at the beginning every time when it shows the van change from router rooter to TAPS and they are pretending to be so cool. On u-tube I saw some of their top footage from each season.

It was hilarious! Maybe you can catch it in re-run sometime. It was a classic moment and made me like them all the more! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the van - isn’t that a hoot!! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to remember to look for Paranormal State and give that a try as well. I tried another show (I don’t think it was that one) with 3 people who tried to solve old murders or something, but it didn’t have the same feel as Ghost Hunters and I didn’t keep watching it.

There is also another one called ‘Most Haunted’, but I wasn’t impressed. Again, the investigators have the attitude that a place is already haunted and start acting all freaked out even before anything happens. I thing they say ‘What was that? Did you hear that?’ about 20 times per show.

I enjoy the little side dramas that go one among the ghers. It is so real to any work environment.