Anyone want to participate in a yarn swap box? CLOSED!

Thanks to those who signed up, you will be hearing from me via email once the box has been shipped, barring any problems, should be tomorrow afternoon. yay yarn swap!!

“Official” list of participants:


I dunno if this has ever been done in this community but I also collect My Little Ponies and this type of exchange is a frequent occurance.

Basically how it works is a group of people sign up and one person, usually the host will pack a box with say 10 or so items of varying value, in this case it would be yarn. The box is then shipped to the first person in the list. They take whatever they want from the box but must replace the items they took with other items totalling about the same value. That person then ships to the next person in the list they take/replace what they want then ship to the next person and the exchange continues until the last person in the list ships the box back to the host and hopefully everyone along the way has given something interesting and picked up something fun as well.

So whatcha think? Anyone interested?

This sounds interesting but I think that you should post this in the general knitting topic on the forum. It might yeild more responses :thumbsup:

I would definitely do this!

me too :teehee:

I would participate too!

:cheering: Me too Me too ~~~!!! please add me! :teehee:

Well that makes at least 5 of us, I think that’ll work out just nicely. I’ll keep sign ups open til Monday and then I’ll ship out the box on Tuesday.

The “official” rules of the game:

  1. You can take as much stuff from the box as you want but you MUST replace the items with others of equal value. For example you can take two balls of a medium priced yarn and replace it with 1 ball of more expensive designer yarn, or likewise take a nice yarn and replace it with more of a cheaper yarn but for the sake of the interest of the box lets keep super cheap yarn (like el cheapo red heart no dye lot acrylic super saver) out of the box okay?
  2. You must ship the box priority with delivery confirmation. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the person shipping. I will not pay for shipping except when I send it to the first person.
  3. The box must be shipped within 3 working mail days of receiving the box. So if you receive the box on monday you must have it shipped to the next person on/by thursday. if you recieve it friday it must be shipped on/by tuesday
  4. All yarn must have original labels or equivalent information attached to them containing at least content type. This just makes it easier for the unexperienced with yarn types to make a better guess at value, or if possible attach the estimated/actual value of the yarn to it.
  5. If the condition of the box itself is unsuitable you must replace the box. Priority boxes are free from the post office.
  6. You may include other things in the box like notions, small projects, patterns, etc but they are not required to be replaced if taken.

Additional instructions will be posted in the box concerning who you are shipping to, where it came from, etc.

If you agree to the rules you may participate by sending the following information to me. You will not be included in the swap if you do not provide all valid information. This is very important to the success of the box.

Please email me at cattrah(at)gmail(dot)com the following information:

your forum name, real name and address, valid email address, and valid phone number (to make sure the box keeps moving!)

Please if you think that you may be too busy when the box comes around, don’t participate. It’s not fun to wait on one person for months to get around to shipping the box.

When this works it’s really fun and exciting. I hope that all of you will enjoy it and perhaps there will be many more in the future!

I sent you the info please let me know if you get it. Hey maybe you should keep a list of participants in this topic and keep updating it until monday for all to see :teehee: Just a thought thanks for putting this together by the way :muah:

would love to participate - but unfortunately, the poor person after me would be waiting a month to get their box :verysad:

I has come to my attention that it is possible that yarn may be coming from homes with smokers or pets, while most yarns can be washed, I just want all participants to be aware if you have allergies.

Also, can those who have already emailed me send me their Forum name as well.

Sounds like fun, except when you throw in the part about “smoke” and animals…I can understand “smoke” being an issue, since if you are a “heavy” smoker the yarn would probably stink…but how do you get “allergens” from acryilic yarn??? Does the "cat, dog whatever have to literally roll in it before you ship it??? Sounds like the “box” might come back from where it came from if it is inspected…No Thanks I don’t live in a “bubble”


Sent you the info… But I do have a question… could you ask those who are sending box if any heavy smokers are in this? Unfortunatly smoke scented yarn can’t work for me… Animals aren’t a problem, but the smoke is.

I truly appreciate all you’ve done This is awesome!

I really don’t want to discriminate anyone from participating this time around so how about if I include some gallon ziploc baggies in the box and I’ll have some for pet-free/smoke-free homes, some for smoke homes some for pet homes and some for pet/smoke homes then when people swap out just place the yarn from your home in the appropriate bag so when it comes around to the next person they can take from whatever bags they’re comfortable with and in the process other yarns won’t be “contaminated.” Will that work out?


You are awesome!! What a great idea!!! :hug:

I like that idea great. I hate discrimination, but w/ smoke, I’m a basket case… thank you for thinking of that great idea!!!


this is a great idea! i’d love to join the next round (if there is one). i only recently started knitting and my stash isn’t large at all–but it’s getting there. =) hopefully by the next time i’ll have more than enough yarn to exchange.

Not to mention the shipping costs…

Maybe we could have an Australian version for the few Aussies that are here?

Oh i would definately be in that - way to go Misstia… We should get one happening at the same time so we don’t feel left out :muah:

Does anyone know what is going on? Like where is the box now? who has it? and who is next? I think it would be alot more fun if we know these things that way we dont forget about it . I almost forgot about the yarn swap all together anyone in the same shoes? or am I being a whiner because not knowing where the beautiful yarn is now is killing me :teehee:

I was wondering the same too… It is exciting knowing it’s out there… but out of sight out of mind… maybe if we knew where box has been… and how many is on list it might be more fun… and a post from the ones that have had it to say its on its way w/ out giving out any other info…

that’s my personal opinion… :teehee:

I agree thats my feelings exactly! I mean I understand the suspense woulldn’t be there if we knew it was coming to us next but maybe to know its still moving along would keep us in anticipation :teehee: