Anyone want to make a cabled scarf?

Ok this is my first cable attempt. And I didn’t pick the esy cable scarf pattern. Maybe I am crazy, but I just like the way this one looks.

I am making this for my Dad using a chunkier yarn. I upped the needle size to 10 1/2.

Here’s the pattern: (FREE)


Oh, I love that scarf and have it on my list of scarves to make…in the future…LOL! I already have a long project list so I can’t do a KAL with this scarf now, but would be happy to in the future :smiley: ! That is a beautiful cabel pattern that will make a stunning scarf :thumbsup:
Now, where are you having trouble?

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this point! I think I have finally figured out how to cable. Took the stupid thing off the needles and ripped it all out I think three times. The last time I got smart and decided to practice a plain cable with worsted weight before I dive back in. This has been my first attempt at cabling but I think I will get the hang of it. I am rather worried that I should revert to an easier pattern to finish by christmas but I like this pattern so much!

That one’s trickier than a regular cable, but if you’re really careful about following the directions about whether the cable needle goes in front or back, you should be ok. Check each cable after you make it to make sure it’s headed in the right direction so you don’t get to far ahead of any errors.

A monthly “cable” knit along is in the works; I was thinking March, for some reason. Not that you should wait until then! You’re ambitious–my first cabling was a LOT simpler!!!

I ripped that thing out so many times! I have now decided to make the Irish walking scarf from That has been coming along much nicer. I have about 10 inches done.

I am determined I will make the besotted scarf next, after I have the experience of this one.


Hello all :smiley: I just started the Irish Walking Scarf this weekend! I have had the pattern for a while, but have never gotten around to starting. I bought some beautiful hand spun, hand died yarn while on vacation (in a dark blue color), and I am using that. I guess that makes this scarf my vacation souvenir!

BTW, I’m using a double pointed, wood needle as my “cable needle.” I bought some cable needles, and had a horrible time trying to use them. For some reason the wood DPN works much better,

Ummmm… okay! I’ll do the simpler Irish Hiking Scarf wif you. :smiley:

Wooh! 4 inches in! Gotta finish for mum before Christmas! :happydance:

It is so easy isn’t it?! I am working on this scarf as well and am loving it.

Yeah. It is RIDICULOUSLY easy and quick to knit, and just so beautiful too. Mum will love it and think I spent FOREVER on it. Bwahahaha. Success! I can’t wait to use cables from now on! I love learning new techniques. It’s so exciting!

:x: You are kicking my butt on the scarf! I didn’t even pick up knitting last night! Are you using size 8 needles? It didn’t even occur to me that I could finish it before Xmas!! :shock: This is my first real cable project, and I love it! It looks soooo impressive :happydance: I played around with making a test cable, but never actually incorporated it into a project

Yeah, size 8. And it’s my first cabled project as well. shrugs I dunno. I mean, I did spend a few hours of it already. I’m at a foot now, but I need to get a move on it to get it done before xmas. Like 2 feet a day. :shock: Gah. Must… knit…

You can do it Holly! Do not fear the cables! :roflhard: Also, I’m using this yarn I got in a bag from my local thrift store. It’s really hard and tight and super nice to knit with. It’s not soft really, but it makes knitting really easy. :thumbsup: (no idea what it is though)

Can someone explain this pattern to me?

Because it’s missing the Row 4 instructions entirely, and when it says to repeat everything between the asteriks, does it mean the cabling as well? Because that sounds like it would turn out really wonky.

And what does Slip mean? Because I looked up under abrreviations on this site, and there are three different entries that have three different instructions.

Izze - are you doing the Irish Hiking Scarf or the Besotted? Holly

The Besotted one. It looked really pretty. I didn’t see any links to an Irish Hiking Scarf.


Just slip the stitich onto your other needle. Don’t knit it or anything.

Row 2. and [size=7][color=red]all WS rows[/color][/size]: Slip 1, P1, K2, P8, K2, P2 Repeat what’s between the *s two more times

Got it? :wink: It took me a minute too. All WS rows are knit like row 2.

I’m going to do the Irish Hiking Scarf instead of the Bessotted. A lot easier to undersntad (not to mention more complete) instuctions. :XX:

One question though: when do you knit off the cabled stitches? I can see where it tells to put them on a cable needle, but not where they get knitt off in the instuctions.

Wow, knitting instuctions are all so confusing. I miss my crocheting hooks. :frowning:

You hold the 3 in front on the cable needle, knit 3 from your regular needle, then knit the 3 from the cable needle.

I didn’t finish it for Christmas for my mum, but I did show it to her and she really likes it. :happydance: Winter is almost over in Florida, but she’ll be able to wear it next year.

Also, it has A LOT of mistakes, but I didn’t notice them until I was taking the pictures. Crazy! Oh well. It makes it more unique and Katrina Made. :rofling: