Anyone want to help me to fringe a scarf?

I’m continuing to go back to old projects…this time I thought I’d add to a scarf I made in the past which has no fringe and could use a little more umph! Anyone want to help me with this? Thanks in advance…

So… do you want moral support while you fringe it or literally want to send it off to someone else to fringe it for you?

First off, are you sure it needs fringe? If you hate fringing so much, maybe it doesn’t really need it. When I started knitting in the 70’s in my teens, I always fringed scarfs, now not so much. I think mostly because I don’t care so much for the look anymore and partly cause I just don’t want to do it!

Here’s a couple tutorials if you need help with that:

Another idea - Nicki Epstein has a couple books, Knitting On the Edge, Knitting Over the Edge, and maybe even another. See if your library has any of them - they might have some ideas of edgings you can add to give the scarf some umph.

ty will check these sites out…