Anyone wanna test a scarf? UPDATE: Pattern Release


This used to be Betty…but the name had to be changed…
Its now Maylea

and this is the back….

(I tried to remove the thumbnails…it wouldnt let me.)

Gods, that is beautiful.

That is gorgeous! Unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to devote to it, but good luck! :thumbsup:

Someday Jan, I will catch you at the right time and finally have you as a tester!! LOL

Looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous scarf Melissa!

Its very beautiful but so beyond my skill levels.

yes it is…
I like the Bug too.

WOW! I wish I had the time and patience for this one. It is fabulous. :cheering:

Did you get your testers? I don’t know cables, but I sure wish I did now!! it is beautiful!! Wonderful!!:yay:

The pattern has been tested and now available in my Ravelry store.

As far as skill level…ahhh the beauty of illusion…

I had 6 testers. about half of them said it was not for beginners, and the other half said it was written well enough that a beginner could do it.

My feelings?? You can do ANY pattern you want to…if you want it bad enough, especially if there are skills included in that pattern that you would like to learn…There are resources all over the place to help you if you get stuck. And as for all my patterns…i have my contact information printed right on the pattern if there ever is a question.

thank you very much for the compliments…it does me good to read them!!!

PS…i am currently (as of today) starting another test knit for a hat that has sizes that range from baby to extra large adult…If anyone wants to knit it…come here and read the opening post and then post with your intent…