Anyone wanna see ...? All done Bobos, on page #3

I M making my FIRST pair of socks :yay:(if I ever finish them that is):woohoo:
They are 2 at once toe up :knitting:
:thumbsup:thank You Silver, I M combining your tutorial with a pattern I liked. Your tutorial is so clear, makes it alot less scarey:hug:
I cannot find my camera cable, but should have one tomorrow, will post pix then


Me, me!!

:waving:Me, too.

:psst:BTW-I really should be awake and full of coffee before I read the boards–I thought the title of your thread was. . . . . . . anyone want to see my boobs! :shock::thud:


:rofl: I thought the same…

Can’t wait to see them…:happydance:

Well, yah, now that I know what BoBos you are talking about! :roflhard::rofl::roflhard::aww:

OBVIOUSLY, I need to get my coffee before reading as well. I was sure it read “boobs” and my thought was, “Oh my goodness! Someone knit BOOBIES! :noway:This I’ve GOT to see!” :roflhard:

Hope everyone has a great day/evening (depending where in the world you are!)

I too thought it said boobs!! Please tell me what are bobos???

yay! I wanna see! :cheering:

Silver’s Sock Tut rocks! :woohoo:

Hee! I love that you all thought it said BOOBS and rushed in here to see! :roflhard:

I love you crazy knitters :teehee:

When I said ME me I did NOT think it said boobs; I thought it was the name of a pattern. What is it?

How 'bout these?

BoBos are Clown Feet
BoBo the Clown, its a reference from my parents age

used to acnowlege HUGE feet on a person

:cheering::cheering:I’ve got Bobos!!!

I’m sure your socks will be wonderful when done,hope you can post them for us.

At 6’1", I have bobos also, it’d look really funny for me to have size 6 feet!

Went and read about the artificial titties in the Knitty article, had me laughing so hard I cried. What a great idea, and certainly more comfortable than what you can buy.


I went with the rest of you!!!

I’d better have another cuppa!

Sorry it took so long

the pic with my HUGE feet is theday i started this post
the next is how far I am as of today (if you look close you may see the ribbing at the top)
note the red waste yarn for the afterthought heel I M trying to do


me too :wall:

:thumbsup:They look great!!

Good lookin’ BOBOs!

And I meant bobos! I’ve had my coffee this morning! :teehee:

Ah, the tricks our minds play on us!

Wanna see some boobies? This is a link for the Boobie Scarf, done in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness:

It’s cute and you can show your boobies without getting arrested!