Anyone visited The Brown Sheep Wool Company in Mitchell, NE?

Has anyone visited the Brown Sheep Wool Company in Mitchell, NE? One of my LYS is renting a charter bus to drive people there from Colorado Springs and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to join them? Might be fun, but I don’t know anyone yet. I’m going to start going to the knitting group tomorrow and was wondering if I should start considering the trip to Brown Sheep. I guess we tour the mill and then we can buy yarn from their shop.

one of the ladies at my LYS has been there and said that watching the lady do the hand painted yarns is amazing. apparently it is just one lady who comes in whenever the mood strikes her (i hear the rumor that it is often the middle of the night) and sits there and paints yarn. I am not sure how long ago she was out there but she said it was great to watch.

that being said…as much as i like living here, it would take more than the Brown Sheep Co to get me to drive alllllllll the way across Nebraska! :shock: I am pretty sure you are way closer to Mitchell than I am! :rollseyes:

Goodness! I just checked google maps and I see that it’s 285 miles from here. Hoooo boy! That is one LOOOOOOOOOONG bus ride. It’s supposedly a nice bus and the passengers are encouraged to bring projects to work on. I dunno… Unless I make some really good friends at the knitting group and/or it’s a trip I just can’t miss, 6+ hours each way on a bus sounds rough! :shock:

are they doing it in one day? that would make for a very long and uncomfortable day i would think!

Yeah, it’s one day! I think the meeting time is 6:30am and return time is something like 11:30pm.

:shock: Wow. For me to go to something like that I would have to really know the group of ladies and REALLY want to see that place. That is quite a trip. If I happen to be traveling that direction I would stop but I don’t think that I will be making a trip out that way. NE is a large empty state :smiley:

I would most definitely go! I had a friend who stopped there on a drive with her dh, and she got Lamb’s Pride skeins for2 and 3 dollars a piece. :open_mouth: You had to be flexible on colors…but I am trying to talk my friends into taking a trip out there, or I might take the scenic route to Wyoming when my family goes.

GO! At the least you will have alot of knitting time, some time with sheep, and some time to get to know new people. :slight_smile:

Aw now its not really a 6 hour drive - its 65 most of the way.
Thats just about 4.5 hours :smiley:

But really, it could be a fun no hastle trip.
Sure you will be weary of the bus. But you can work on your project, get to know the others and make new friends on the way.

Its a mini vacation where you dont have to drive or pay for hotel and there is only one really good sight seeing stop.

It could be a lot of fun.

Thanks guys! I’m going to consider it seriously. I’ll be at the LYS tomorrow, so I’ll pick up some info on the trip. I do think it might be a fun if a long day.