Anyone using the KP Options DPN's?

I’ve seen the thread on the interchangeables but is anyone use the DPN for sock and such? Do you think they are too slippery? They are so inexpensive I want to get some when I get around to buying the interchangeables.



I’ve used them. They are so slick! Nice and pointy. Though, some say they are heavier (which they probably are) but I’ve not noticed any weight difference than my other metal needles.

Lynda M
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They are really slick! But, I so love the points on them that I put an extra effort in keeping the yarn and needle together. I did find them heavier than bamboo, but I’m not a bamboo lover, so it didn’t matter.
Nikki :blooby:

I have a set of size 3’s, and yes, they’re quite slick. But I’m not a bamboo fan, either, and I love a good, fast needle. The tips are quite sharp, which is wonderful, and I just don’t seem to have a problem dropping stitches off the needles. It’s not like they’re 5" needles.

As Grumperina on the her blog pointed out, the Options DPN’s are much heavier than other DPN’s. But this is a relative thing to keep in mind. If you’re really sensitive to weight but love metal, try Magic Loop method with Addis.

All in all, I would give the Options DPN’s very high marks. They beat bamboo hands down, and I like them better than Susan Bates Silvalume DPN’s as well.


I actually like Brittany dpns but decided to try the knit picks dpns and I have to say that I have a new favorite. Knit picks dpns all the way!

i am using the size 1’s right now on Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn and LOVE them

sharp and the stitches don’t slip off

I ordered every size KP offers, and I love them! They’re much more slick than the aluminum dpns I have, which seem to have a matte finish and hold yarn a bit like bamboo does (though not as much, obviously).

:muah: Thanks for all the input. At only $3.99 a set, I may have to order all the sizes they carry. I love Addis so I was thinking these would be great for DPN.