Anyone Used The Patons Canadiana

I see that some of the colors I need are no longer offered with the Merino Wool and my grandson wouldn’t like the scratchiness. Anyone used the Canadiana? How is the softness with that?

I’ve used it and found it to be really soft. I love working with it and I normally have problems working with acrylic yarns.

I used it for a wine bag and it felt nice! It was pretty soft, a nice basic acrylic. Nothing special but it was good.

With a name like Canadiana, how can it NOT be good???

I’ve used it and liked it! I made a scarf set for my grandson out of it and loved the way it turned out.

Congrats on the soon to be born babe. It sounds like you have a pretty good layette going.

I have a whole brood of the stuff. Seems to me without knitting it up that it is softer than regular acrilyc. I might not make a sweater from it, but hats and such seem like they would turn out just fine

Canadiana works up great - currently using it for a Cancer Awareness afghan for my son - there are softer yarns, but this will stand up better.