Anyone used sirdar firefly?

just got a lovely pattern for it but not used the wool, anyone know what its like to knit with or what i could use for substitute :smiley:


Well yes ish… I have the yarn, it is GORGEOUS but I don’t have a pattern. I actually have two lots of the yarn. One lot of 6 balls in a pinks / purples combination and another of two balls in a steel / grey combination. I plan on using the two balls to make a drop stitch scarf. I did throw it on the needles as soon as I got it and whipped a couple of rows up but have it to one side. I have a sock and 3/4 to finish, I have a bag on the go which I am almost finished and I need to put the finishing touches and lining to a cabled clutch.

It can be tricky to work with, you just have to watch what you are doing and ensure that on every stitch you insert through the two tram lines. I definately don’t feel this is a yarn you can knit with unconsciously, you do need to concentrate on it.

Hope this helps.

great thanks for the advice, just have to decide on a colour now!! oh btw im moving to london next month!! :XX:

There is a good choice of colours available in it. I’d like to find a nice pattern for something more than a scarf for sure… would love to see what it looks like knitted up as a wearable garment.

Good luck on the move to London! You coming down to the big smoke for study or work?

for a change of life!! we live in dorset and its soooo boring!! heres the pattern i just got for the firefly

wow :inlove: gorgeous pattern! Will make a lovely summer wrap! I did think about getting for the ladder back sweater but I’m a bit weighty so I think it would look awful on me =P

That one you have is great!

Good luck on your move up here! Hope you find the pace more to your liking :slight_smile: