Anyone Used Patons SWS?

[b]Today I got some Patons SWS (soy wool) … by the sample they had by it, it appears to be self striping rather that variegated … I am HOPING it’s self striping as I don’t want variegated but the color was so nice I couldn’t pass it up. Anyone used it? It apparently felts.


I used it for Danica and really liked it… I want to try felting it down the road too… here is my scarf … I’m not sure if its self striping :shrug: it did flow nice with the enterlac… its not variegated though… could you knit a swatch up and see if it stripes?

It is indeed self-striping! What colorway did you get? I made a capelet out of the Natural Earth colorway, and it turned out very pretty.

One teeny caveat: The Natural Navy doesn’t actually have any navy blue in it.

Gee how about that … I got the Natural Earth too!!! :cheering: I had a hard time finding six balls the same … the dye lots were very different. Some had more purple, some more brown, etc.

What size needles did you use?


i love Paton’s SWS–i made a hat with it… (there is a rudimentary pattern for the hat on my blog (link is in left column, at the bottom)

and one member of my knitting group was so enamored by how the hat looked, she bought SWS to make the “lady elenore” shawl (from scarf style by pam allen)

Paton’s SWS is 1/3 the price of Noro, and the long color changes work great --its softer than Noro too!

i might make a lady elenore one of these days too.

SWS = Soy Wool Stripes

I used 8’s.


I used 8’s.[/quote]

Ohh … I’m using 3.75’s.


I love SWS. I just finished Lady Eleanor out of the Natural Green colorway. =)

I used 8’s.[/quote]

Ohh … I’m using 3.75’s.


Sorry - I meant US size 8 needles! (5mm)

for my hat i used US size 9/ 5.5 mm!

This is a worsted weight yarn so US sizes 8, 9 or even 10 work well with it. (that’s 5, 5.5, 6 in mm)


I love SWS. I’m making the Irish Hiking scarf out of it, and another scarf out of it. I have picures of both scarves on my blog. And here is the second scarf.

I absolutely love the way it stripes, the colors, the feel. It’s a great yarn.