Anyone used Knitpicks Crayon?

I’m making a log-cabinesque baby blanket and thinking about using Crayon in blue, lime, burnt sienna and buttermilk.

Anyone used this before? Does it wash well? Fading? Pill? Bleed?

Just swatched a piece and it’s even softer knit than on the skein. I especially like that it’s 100% cotton. This baby will probably be a preemie and I worry about sensitivity to wool. I may go with an acrylic if I HAVE to, but thought this might be an option.

I used Knit Picks Craton to make a sweater for myself. Somehow it got in the general laundry ad was macjine washed and dryed. It came through this process just fine.

I was staring at some pics of that just yesterday thinking to myself that it would make an impossibly soft sweater for myself. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll order some after I get all this Christmas knitting done.

Would it work for dishcloths?

I just made a short sleeved sweater out of crayon in purple. I haven’t washed it yet but it’s supposed to be machine washable. It’s sooo soft and wonderful. I’ll bet it would make a wonderful baby blanket. :heart: