Anyone used Glow in the Dark yarn?

I googled and found that there is such a thing… and saw in a KH blog thread that Ingrid had bought some (but not yet used)… has anyone used any yet?

I’ve only found two references to glow in the dark yarn so far:

  1. Glowyarn and the US site is supposed to be but I couldn’t get that to load
    "…developed by mixing, melting and extruding Polyester chips with Photo-luminescent pigments" sounds kinda yucky/toxic but hey! it glows…

  2. Nightlights comes in off-white but glows flourescent green, DK weight

Sounds like fun

I have been trying to come up with something really cool to do with this yarn. But I just haven’t had time. Let me know if you decide to do something fun. We could have a KAL!

I still have it sitting in the stash, and it does glow at night! It’s so coarse, though, I’d only use it for accents. I’m making a snake scarf for my grandson, maybe I’ll add some to that. Thanks for the reminder! :happydance:

yeah, someone on craftster mentioned it wasn’t that soft… I was thinking about doing that double-knit star scarf with it but that would be too much scratchy…

I’ll order some and put my thinking cap on. If brillance occurs I’ll post a KAL (but don’t wait for me CarmenIbanez if you think of something!).

It’s DK weight, right? I’d probably double it and knit it with worsted.
I’ll have to think of something fun… this yarn just screams Halloween and dark fall/winter nights (not so much movie theatres though :wink: ).

OMgosh! That’s too cool! :slight_smile: I’m going to be knitting a winter hat - kind of like a skull cap or whatever it’s called - for a friend for Christmas and was going to put 3 thin lines of white on it. Since he loves to jog and usually does so in the evening, I think I’ll use that. Maybe I could make him a matching scarf. It’d be good in helping drivers to see him at night. :cheering: :cheering:

sounds awesome to me!!!

Now that you mention it, I think I need to make a hat with glow stripes for my brother. He insisted on a black-only cap last winter and I worry about him riding his bike at night. He’s been hit by a car before (he was okay and lucky! Seattle isn’t the friendliest bike town), so I worry about giving him dark-only clothing.

Sounds like duplicate stitch might be the best way to use this yarn!

Definitely glow stripes for a hat. I think I need some. How about a little trick or treat bag? Now I really need some.


hrm shame its coarse. Could have used it to great effect in “shadow” knitting - like the alien scarf in Stitch N Bitch.

The stuff I have feels like nylon twine–the kind you’d find wrapped around packages.

boo :verysad:
I guess I’ll still get some but I’ll have to think about how best to use it…

Hrm it would be great for use in a bag then (a non felted kind that is) or use as ‘embroidery’ on a felted bag… interesting!

Ingrid, you can use it for the snake eyes on the scarf! Or, some places on the skin, you know, like when the light hits a snake skin and it reflects it. Very cool…where are you gonna use it on the scarf?!
I think that the hat ideas are very good, indeed. I may get some for a hat for Lonnie to use when he’s riding his bike.

I pulled out the yarn this morning. I’m going to make some stripes around the neck of the snake scarf and the eyes out of it. It’s not as rigid as I thought it would be just by looking at it. It wouldn’t make a good garment, though. Definitely plastic-like. Imagine the worst acrylic that isn’t tightly spun. I took a picture of it.

I can’t get a picture of the glow–it just doesn’t glow enough for my camera to capture, but I can see it in the yarn hamper at night–very weird!

I’ll let you know how it knits up.

as i was reading this i was thinking that stars and a moon knitted into the ends of a scarf would be fun. You know not up around where you would wrap it around the neck but as an embellishment at the ends…and a few strands in the fringe. very cool.

Stars and moons would be great with this. I’m not sure about fringe, though. I don’t think it would hang nicely–kind of holds it’s kinks and isn’t even.

ew. It is kinda ugly. I’m still tempted to get some tho. My mom just got some Halloween fabric that has a GITD pattern - fun!