Anyone used Crystal Palace bamboo circulars?

I’m wondering if any of you has tried the Crystal Palace bamboo circular needles. How is the join between the needle and the cord?

They stink! Don’t waist your money.

I’ve owned alot of these since they were what the LYS used to sell and then I tried other needles and eventually replaced all the stinking Crystal Palace circulars.

The join is awful even though the package says "new and improved join"and the cord that connects them is way too stiff.

There are so many better options for circulars on the market that I would never buy the Crystal Palace ones again!

There straight needles are just fine though!

Ditto the above post - I :heart: :heart: :heart: their dpn’s but the circs were awful, IMO. Personally, I prefer the addi turbos.

the join /twist around and spin…it got loose after knitting for a while… go for addi-turbo … better or best chose options…cheap and reliable…