Anyone use this yarn before?

Im making gloves that call for cotton yarn, but have decided to use bernat Satin instead, its nice and soft. Anyone know how it holds up? The gloves are more of an accessory, not really to keep hands warm or work in. So the yarn does not need to be super strong, just wondering more about how it washes, does it pill much, those kinds of things. Thanks a bunch everyone! :knitting:

So far, I’ve used this only for a sweater I designed myself. Based on my experience, I would recommend knitting it at a tighter gage than called for on the label. It does “fuzz” a little with wear, but it’s a nice halo-type fuzz as opposed to a looking-ratty type fuzz. It has washed well and without pilling. After wearing and washing several times, I decided that I wanted to change the seed stitch borders to ribbing, pulled them out and reknit them, and they came out looking great. The yarn has good stitch definition, and cables on the sweater are the best-looking I’ve ever knitted! (Although a long-time knitter, I am not known for executing perfect cables…:blush:)

Sounds like I made a good choice, thanks for the info. I just loved the color and how soft it felt. I will be using it again since it seems to wear nicely:knitting:

I like it. I have knitted a few things with it, and it seems to hold up well. I usually buy stuff from my LYS, but I like Bernat.