Anyone use Rowan Polar?

I know Rowan has discontinued their Polar yarn and near as I can tell it was a good decision on their part. A friend found some on clearance a while back and bought me 3 balls as a gift. It is purple (not my favorite color) so I stashed it waiting for a good cause. Well, I decided to knit an elderly neighbor a should shawl for Christmas. I brought it out this weekend and started knitting and good golly it sheds worse than my german shephard !! I’m can’t decide if I should finish the shawl and gift it with a little note not to wear it with a black shirt or not gift it at all ?
I looked it up on Ravelry and lots people have used it and complain it sheds but they still use it so does the shedding go away after an initial bloom maybe?

I used Rowan Polar for an afghan. A big red celtic afghan!
I remember it shedding while I was knitting it…but not badly enough to stop knitting it!

I’m also knitting a winter white hooded coat. SYVLI.
It didn’t shed. I don’t recollect the fibers that might’ve
come off on my lap as I knit.

I still need to line the sleeves and seam her up!

I also knit a CLOCHE using the winter white Polar
with no shedding issues or problems.

I also knit an icy blue Polar ‘suit’…a cabled cardi and st st skirt!

I love Rowan Polar. I’m sorry it’s been discontinued.
The yarn that they developed to replace Polar is COCOON. Now, Cocoon sheds more than Polar. And the halo yarn (the mohair content) does make me sneezy. But I still love the yarn!

If your Polar is shedding, I believe it will quit. I haven’t had a bit of problem with my red afghan!

ArtLady - thank you for your input…would you like some purple Polar? I took it to my LYS and they agree it is sheddy and most likely always will be. The owner suggested the shedding mayh decrease after I wash it, but I think given that it is an unknown I am going to abandon the project - I really don’t enjoy the yarn at all.

oooooohhhhhh I love your Polar Suit!!!

:waah: Artlady, I am so envoius I could almost cry! Yikes! Your work is so beautiful! The colors, the workmanship, … there simply are no words! :notworthy: