Anyone use prepaid money cards?

i got a prepaid visa giftcard for christmas, and i tried to use it to order some stuff off knitpicks, but i got an email saying they declined my card and i need to call customer service. :pout: so i do, and they say that it’s telling them that my card is maxed out, when i have still $60 on it [i checked twice]. so they suggested calling the card company- so i do. and of course, i get someone who speaks very broken up english and i can barely understand them [plus my cell service was HORRIBLE :hair: ]. i did catch that i need to register my card, but i dont know how. :shrug:

has anyone ever had this problem with prepaid cards, or know how to register them?

While I love getting gifts of money those darn VISA cards are so hard to use…it has to be put in as a credit card only you have to know exactly how much is on the card and ask for only that amount to come off it or it will be turned down. It should have come with instructions on how to register it and check the balance. I have at time had to add money to it just to be able to use the balance (long story). There are a couple of restaurants in the area that for some reason cannot make it work and it does not work at gas pumps etc. I have never tried using it over the phone or for an online purchase.
My bank now sends them out as a rewards thing and I have found that it is easier to use the entire balance in one transaction (not really an issue with buying things for the house, 2 dogs, and a hubby).