Anyone use feet?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I’ve read a few posts on the different knitting styles we all have. I’m usually a throw-method knitter, but just last night I was trying to knit continental. I like the speed of continental, but having to hold my first finger up to keep the yarn in place causes my hand too much tension.

So, last night I was working a big bag in the round on circulars.
I discovered that I could hold the working yarn in between my first two toes! I general sit with one foot on the opposite knee anyway, so it worked out really well! I was able to zip around and around, and all my fingers were free to adjust stitches anytime I needed without having to drop the working yarn.

I’d never heard of anyone using feet to knit before, so I thought I’d post the idea and see if I’m completely a freak, or if this sort of thing is common. Obviously, it wouldn’t work very well for something where the stitches change up frequently. And since the bag is going to be felted I wasn’t too concerned about the icky feet factor.

Anyway, hi everyone. How’s that for a weird introduction? :thumbsup:

Welcome! Toe knitting is a new one on me.:rofling:

I should clarify, it’s more like using the toes to feed the yarn through. Now, if I could KNIT with my toes, I could do two projects at once! :lol:

Well, that’s a unique intro :rofling:

If I could knit with my toes, I’d be spending even more time on the computer than I do now!


I would, too! :roflhard:

That’s so cool, though! Whatever works :smiley:

[LEFT]Only problem I could foresee with that, is you’d have to be wary of toejam. Though I suppose it’d add a little extra “something” to your knitting :ick: :roflhard:

Seriously though, sounds like a good solution. Definitely a way to de-feet the problem. :roflhard: [/LEFT]

Toejam?! Eww! Some things are better to NOT think of.

This certainly isn’t something I’d do for baby hats or blankets, but for a bag that’s basically going to be boiled, a little foot smell won’t hurt too badly. (It’s a good reminder to touch-up my pedicure anyway.)

I’m just amazed at how fast I can go this way. I bought this yarn yesterday, and I’ve already knit through a full skein of Cascade 220. (Two actually, since it’s double stranded.)

And thanks for the welcomes!

I haven’t heard of that before. What I’d be worried about, though, isn’t toe jam but rather yarn burns between my toes. I knit continental, and the yarn runs over my index finger and sometimes if I’m just knitting in the round too long, it starts to get sore.

I had to use my foot once when my hand like…died. It just hurt really bad and I couldnt move it, so I had to knit with my other hand and my foot.

OK I gotta see a picture of this. ANyone in your house have a digital camera?

lol and welcome!

I’ve used feet to wind yarn before I got a swift. Sit with feet out slightly spread, loop the hank over the feet and start to wind. It beats the back of the chair when there isn’t a swift.

:chair: at the image and the de feet joke! I can’t imagine knitting with my feet. I’ve always got socks on when I take them off my feet go this lovely blue-black colour and I’m told to put them away. I can’t imagine for one minute hubby would put up with that. Also, bare toes get chewed on by the cat, you have been warned!